• Backups


    • As we all know, backups are something you just have to do. When done on a regular basis, you can feel calm and assured that you will not lose any of your important data. OptArt can handle regular backups of your WordPress site, including its files and database, which can be restored if any problems occur.
  • Updates


    • You don’t have to worry about updating WordPress and your plugins and themes anymore. You can assign this task to us and have your WordPress site always up-to-date. We will also fix any conflicts between your plugins that may occur during an update.
  • Malware Scans


    • The Internet is an amazing yet dangerous place. Your WordPress website can easily get infected with malware of various type if it’s not protected from it. Our agency can handle malware protection of your website, as well as removal of any malware if it is already infected.
  • Monitoring


    • A significant factor of a successful website is its stability. Even when configured properly, itĀ can sometimes go down due to many reasons. We offer 24/7 monitoring of websites. If any problems are encountered, we receive a reportĀ and can repair your website immediately.
  • Migration


    • Sometimes you may want to move to another server, for example when your website gets more popular. To avoid losing any data during the migration this process must be done professionally, so we offer full and smooth website migration for our customers.
  • Support


    • OptArt loves WordPress. We know all of its aspects and feel absolutely confident when developing or just using it. We offer WordPress related support of any kind. If you need any WordPress advice, either technical or related to its usage, we are the ones you should contact immediately!