Be recognizable in the Web.

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a more efficient tool to build relationship with clients than the Internet. A website is often a showcase of your actions, both the business and personal ones. Therefore, its professional usage can help you attain and stabilize market position as well as build your own image. We will do our best to make your website accessible, so anyone looking for specific information can easly find it and have the reason to return to your site or perform any other desired actions.

The creative proccess:

  1. first contact: choose the suitable form of communication from our form.
  2. brief: if you have already created the project’s description, we will talk it over with you. If you have not, we will help you with its creation.
  3. pricing: we will determine the lead time and cost of your order based on the project’s description.
  4. execution : after the acceptance of the appraisal, we will ask you to send an advance. After that we are going to complete your project within the appointed time.
  5. acceptance: after you have received the project and paid the rest of the determined amount, we will copy your website to your server or our production server. From then on, it will become available for visitors.