Nowa usługa Implementation of many new themes for IX
Nowa usługa Extension of our Envato offer – new elements on CodeCanyon & AudioJungle
Custom development – so far the biggest external client 2014
New service – so far the biggest implementation made by OptArt – coding and launching the CMS system for… IX
New service We support the OPEN SOURCE community and we shared the first free module on (product addons) 2013
New service -OptArt started to sell its own wordpress modules under the brand of
New service The agency began to sell services throughout Our offer is highlighted on their website.
New service A well-performed implementation of the Ogólnopolski Turniej Halowy project made the company sell booking systems for websites. 21.09.2012
New service The Ciechanów Inaczej project was the beginning of creating information portals and local websites. 31.07.2012
New service Starting from the project, the company enhanced its activity by creating web directories. 12.07.2012
New service Documentation plus 1 worker OptArt gained a new worker, Olaf Śnieżek. 10.07.2012
Custom development plus 1 worker Amadeusz Starzykiewicz joined the agency. July 2012
New service The first themeforest template – OptArt began to sell website templates. June 2012
New service Executing, the company expanded its offer with online stores based on the Jigoshop module for WordPress. April 2012
Custom development plus 1 worker The agency established cooperation with a new programmer – Zbigniew Niedzielski. January 2012
PrestigeOnce again, our agency sponsored of the WordCamp conference, which took place in Poznań. Konrad Dzwinel introduced a presentation about his experience with safety of WordPress plugins.
Quality control plus 1 workerAdam and Marcin changed their places of residence, which caused the need of changes within the company’s structure: the office was closed, Paulina Rybicka joined the team and improved the quality of our projects by testing them at all stages of creation.
OptArt began partnership with Jigoshop as an agency creating extensions to the e-commerce system based on the popular WordPress CMS. It is now one of the most rapidly evolving fields of company’s activity.
Clean code plus 1 workerThe still increasing number of clients resulted in starting cooperation with a new coder: Adam Rybicki. 2011
The anchoring of OptArt’s development direction, already connected with WordPress CMS in most of the orders, was sponsoring the first Polish branch WordCamp meeting in Łódź and 2 lectures by Marcin Biegun. XII
Another significant moment in the history of OptArt was putting into use the “Zatrzymaj Emocje” website, which was created by the order of the Varsovian AdKing agency – a part of ArboMedia Group. A stable order supply allowed further progress of the company and expanding its competence. In September, we started to cooperate with the Varsovian agency Infinee. Our partnership has lasted to this day and along the way we upgraded our abilities with working on the MVC architecture, creating graphic design projects based on prepared pages and taking part in executing the projects of 10 000 work hours. IX
An office was opened in Cracow which meant a revolution in the way of performing the job for most of the workers, who until then had been working as freelancers.
Coding speed WordPress Custom development plus 3 workersDue to a vast number of regular orders related to outsourcing services for huge interactive agencies in Poland, the team was enhanced by new workers: Grzegorz Kaczmarski, Maciek Kopeć and Konrad Dzwinel. VI
In 2010, OptArt’s activity began to pick up. The agency started to develop rapidly. The breakthrough for OptArt was implementing a new graphic design project for It was the first such large project – it consisted of over 100 pages and allowed the company to develop in new fields. OptArt’s workers learned to work through huge projects, handle version control systems and co-exist as parts of a big team of programmers. 2010
minus 1 workerThe next year of OptArt’s activity was marked by individual clients and small companies service. The team was particularly busy with creating showcase websites. We also gladly execute such orders nowadays. It was also the year of the first “startup” attempt within OptArt, which ultimately led to the creation of the portal. However, it is not an episode of the company’s activity that its owners are really proud of. The portal did not gain much popularity. At long last, it was also the year of changes in the board. Wiktor decided to start a new business of a completely different branch. From then on, Marcin has been fully in charge of setting direction of OptArt’s development. 2009
Estetyka plus 1 workerMarcin and Wiktor soon discovered that some customers do not care (horror of horrors!) about the way a website was written. What is really important for them is how it looks like and they desire more comprehensive maintenance. In that time, Sebastian Profic received the first graphic design orders – projects and logotypes. Before long, Sebastian became a full-time OptArt worker. 2008
Clean code plus 1 workerIt soon turned out that creating websites with great attention to offer quality code is not actually art for art’s sake. In the newer versions of Google algorithms this factor was playing a more and more major role. The number of OptArt’s clients was increasing. A new worker joined the team – Szymon, as a coder. 2007
Positive energyIt all began in 2007, when Marcin and Wiktor, freelance coders, after they had undergone an internship in the Cracow-based NetArt agency, decided to change the Internet and started to create clean, semantic websites… The strong feeling of two young and zealous entrepreneurs that what they did was a specific kind of art, resulted in the name of a new Cracovian agency – OptArt. 2007