We start working after receiving a 50% advance. Projects are executed on our servers. After the acceptance of our implementation we ask to make the other 50% payment and we copy the project on the client’s server.


Graphic design project

If graphic design is concerned, we deliver one best looking proposal of the project. In case of lack of acceptance, we create an alternative proposal. When accepted, we perform up to two series of corrections and adjustmnets. After sending the graphic design project to the client, we wait for 5 days for any remarks. If no remarks are submitted, we go on to the next stage of the project’s implementation.


Coding and implementation

We offer one-year guarantee on the code that was prepared according to the received specification. The guarantee covers any bugs found after receiving the ready project by the client. Changes of the agreed API system, code that was edited by third party and updates of the implemented open-source software are all not involved in the guarantee. Such issues should be considered as individual, separate orders.