OptArt designed and implemented classifieds site with paid “featured” module.

Client came to us with ready logo. We have decided to use it's colours as a base to further development.

Homepage. We decided to divide it to above - and below - fold sections. Above the fold there is large search form as the main element of website. Below the fold, featured ads can be seen.
Advanced search forms allow to limit search results to desired part of data.
User profile allows fast data and ads edition.
Single ad. All crucial information visible immidiately.

Jigoshop – body class dependent on cart state

In one of recent projects, we needed to add an extra styling if the shopping cart contained any products. Below is the snippet, that add extra class on body: “cart-has-items” if there is nothing in the cart and “cart-has-no-items” if there are products in the cart. We use standard filter:”body_class“. The snipped can be added to your theme’s functions.php file

//extra class when cart has items

function cartCheck($classes = '') {
$classes[] = 'cart-has-items';
else {
$classes[] = 'cart-has-no-items';
return $classes;