General renovation – the best time to modify your website.

Nobody thinks about renovating or modifying his or her website at the moment of making it. It is logical because there is no need to think about it at that time. You shouldn’t worry in advance. In addition you’ve put a lot of effort to fill the site with all the important and current information and to satisfy your and your client’s requirements.

In this case, unfortunately, time is not on your side. After a few years it turns out that your site, in many aspects, is out of date. It may be difficult to realize that fact and furthermore, if the site had been designed by an advertising agency, the modifications won’t come quickly. After all it had been made by the specialists, why change it then?

Why are modifications necessary?

Absolutely everything changes with time, especially on the Internet. First – the technology, second – the effective marketing, third – the trends, fourth – the company itself, evolves all the time. It is recommended to redesign your website every two years, which is not a long time. Therefore it’s worth considering the modifications.

How to identify the weak points.

Very often it is needless to say that the website requires a general renovation, but the problem is to find its weaknesses. These are the most important elements you should pay attention to:

  1. logo – it should be clear and easy to remember, distinguishable from the competition, it should describe the character and philosophy of the brand,
  2. layout of the site – it is important that it’s coherent with the logo, clear, has well selected colours and fonts and also the optimal content arrangement,
  3. navigation – intuitive menu, easy to navigate on the website, easy to find information,
  4. recent data – additional subsites with news, good quality photographs, lucid graphic arts of recent products
  5. compatibility – adjustment of the layout to all types of screens on which the web page will be viewed: computers, tablets, mobiles.

What is also essential is a target group. Who visits the website and what for? What is their age, interest in the branch, are they frequent Internet users, are they rather males or females or maybe both?

The competition never sleeps.

Another reason why you should redesign your website as soon as possible is the fact that your competition works on it too. From time to time you’d better look through the sites of your competition. It will show you what is the level of your company and where is it positioned in regard to others. It is crucial not only in terms of the website, but also the quality of service, products and promotion, image and perception of the clients. The aim of a thorough checkup is not imitating the others, but finding the potential in your own resources and possibilities. Having gathered all the information, it is easier to create your own image and strategy. From the technical point of view, the information keeps you ahead and even facilitates being better and more innovative.