WooCommerce Wholesale – how to create a product table for buyers?

One day a cool guy making even more cool barefoot shoes wrote to us, asking if we are able to create a table for wholesale buyers. Something like that:

WooCommerce Wholesale - requirements

Wholesale table – paper version

His needs were clear for us, he needed something special, that haven’t been created yet. Since OptArt is not afraid of doing new things, we sat down and thought how can we transfer paper version of table to WooCommerce plugin.

WooCommerce Wholesale – Assumptions

It has to be reliable, fast and easy to manage solution. The choice was really simple, our plugin should use shortcodes for generating tables. After discussing every part of the plugin, we started developing it. Our wholesale plugin for our client needed 2 attributes: products and columns. Each of the attributes was expanded as far as it could be, while still being readable. Products could be connected, and given labels, for instance ‘M’ for man’s product, and these connections could be titled, as well as columns. What is more, one table could contain unlimited amount of connections, as long as connected products had the same attributes. In practice not all features were being used, but we wanted to give our customer opportunities to adapt to himself.

Plugin development

After several hours of coding, debugging and testing… We found a problem. Our client used different attribute’s names for not only different products, but also in case of man and woman version of the same product. Of course we could not have hardcoded it to plugin, that would be an awful, not flexible solution, and we don’t want to do such things. Instead, we contacted client and elaborated  different solution. Since there will be change in products soon, we changed attributes to be the same. Well, a little bit of standardization never did anyone any harm 🙂

Feedback from client

Finally, our product was ready to present to the customer. He warned us, that he would give it a very close look, but knowing our work, we were not afraid of that.

WooCommerce Wholesale - Xeroshoes implementation

Xeroshoes wholesale table

After some messages, containing questions, and small issues, our work with xeroshoes.com was done. But it was not over with Wholesale Plugin…

Envato version

The first version of our plugin was something like shoes made to measure, and required a lot of work to fit into the needs of a bigger audience. We added a new attribute to shortcode, and change some mechanics and after all changes, our product was ready to be put up for sale.

WooCommerce Wholesale in action

WooCommerce Wholesale in action


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