About us

  • Marcin Biegun

    Marcin Biegun

    CEO, Project Manager

    Co-founder of the OptArt agency. He likes to have things in hand: he manages your projects and takes care that its executions meet your requirements and are ready on time. When necessary, he contacts you directly. more

  • Grzegorz Kaczmarski

    Grzegorz Kaczmarski

    Senior Front-End Developer

    He has been with OptArt since the HTML4 decade, through XHTML to date – the current HTML5 era. He can execute any vision of a graphic designer with a lot of attention to quality and optimisation of HTML and CSS code in your projects. more

  • Jakub Ptak

    Jakub Ptak

    Front-End Developer

    He has heard that OptArt was looking for new people who can help to make the Internet a better place. He took his chances and here he is, working on your projects, transforming your vision into a PHP/HTML/CSS/js consistent website. New in this business, but determined. more


Interesting implementations

  • aab
    Ask And BuyAn online auctios portal
  • az
    AZA WWW domains registrar
  • klasyk
    KlasykA clothes shop
  • piomar
    PiomarA specialist construction company


OptArt consists of a firm core of full-time workers and a group of dependable freelancers who regularly cooperate with the agency. This structure makes the company always well-prepared to handle new projects.

Three types of orders can be distinguished:

  • orders for individual clients, acquired from recommendations of other clients
  • orders from partnership interactive agencies and media houses
  • own projects (startups, Jigoshop modules, themeforest templates)


OptArt is registered as a department of  the Akademickie Inkubatory Przedsiębiorczości fundation. It ensures both us and our customers the guarantee of safe and handy project execution with regard to financial statement and law correctness.


Our philosophy

We create unique graphic design projects of highest quality. When low-budget projects are concerned, we offer ready templates from our database which allow cost minimisation with no loss of aesthetics. Thanks to that, your project will always have unrepeatable looks.


We write high quality, SEO and usability-optimised HTML and CSS code. The code is typed by a coder himself and verified by an additional employee who is not connected with the project. Owing to that, you save costs spent on your website’s optimisation in the future.



We implement in our projects Open Source solutions, which are developed by groups of many thousands programmers. Our Content Management System choice for websites is WordPress, which we also extend. For online shops, we use and enhance WooCommerce. For additional features, we use well known and estabilished plugins (multilinguality – WPML, SEO – Yoast SEO, extra options – ACF Pro). This results in your app being constantly developed, adding new modules to it is not expensive and you can find other developers who know its components.